I’m Aaron Lange and my comix and writing have appeared in Mineshaft Magazine and a bunch of other zines you’ve never heard of. They might have names like Bongo Fear, Sex Mutilator, or Mondo Napalm – but hey, even I can’t remember. In addition to contributing to the marginalized “small-press,” I’ve also self-published my new comic ROMP and the long(ish) running, cult(ish) classic Razor Burn.

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Let’s all enjoy the death throes of print media!

“I’m now a big fan of Aaron Lange’s work. He’s the funniest cartoonist to come along since Rick Altergott!”
- R. Crumb

“Aaron Lange is a super awesome comics artist. I don’t understand why there aren’t like, books of his work published by some hipster small publisher out of Seattle or some shit like that.”
- Punk Planet